[A.594 ]

Limits to Growth - Hack #2

One of the ‘siblings’ that emerged during a hacking session for the Limits to Growth exhibition at the Grand Hornu site in Mons, Belgium. The three original designs by Diane Steverlynck and Maud Vande Veire, Jian Da and Jasmijn Muskens were disassembled and its parts recombined with into a new ‘generation’ of objects and functions. Commissioned by OS_Studio for ‘Limits to Growth!’ Photography by Maud Vande Veire Brussels 2018

Coat hanger

by OS Studio

Based on [A.678] by Diane Steverlynck and Maud VanDe Veire

CNC milled, untreated oak & beech wood

OS_non-commercial 1.0

Workshop outcome


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