Transparent Kitchen Tools

This family of household appliances presents a near-future scenario in which users are actively involved in producing, repairing, and modifying their own products. Each appliance is constructed from 3D-printed and CNC manufactured components based on the OpenStructures design principles, standard components, and parts salvaged from existing discarded appliances.

For each appliance, a single page manual provides building instructions as well as links to download the OS compatible 3D printed and CNC milled components and sources for finding salvageable parts. In combination with the set of tools available at Fab Labs though out the world, the manuals allow the appliances to be reproduced by nearly anyone, from nearly anywhere.

Design by Jesse Howard
Photography by OS_Studio

Product Family

as part of the Adhocracy exhibition
during Istanbul Design Biennial

by Jesse Howard

at Galmata Greek School


Nov 2012

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