Nul Punt Wolk

OS collaborated with berte&harmey to create a modular support structure for The Bare Map as part of their critical mapping project Nul Punt Wolk. Nul Punt Wolk means zero point cloud and refers to the geographic LiDAR datasets used to generate a map of a terrain stripped bare, devoid of buildings and vegetation but with traces of human activity. With The Bare Map, berte&harmey propose a tool for speculative mapping, commoning close observation, exploring ideas of reset & rethink of our habitat.

Nul Punt Wolk was initiated at and supported by Timelab (BE). The Bare Map was produced courtesy of a non-profit license provided by ArcGIS using Open LiDAR Data from EODAS Flanders’ platform and printed in collaboration with Topo Copy (BE).

Presentation structure

by Berte & Harmey

at NCAD Gallery and BLANCO Ghent

Gent and Dublin


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