Coffee makers and water boilers are relatively simple machines, yet their workings are typically inaccessible to the user. Repair or even recycling becomes impossible: once the product ceases to function, it is rendered disposable. The OS Boiler explores an alternative approach to the design and production of these ubiquitous appliances.  Based on the OS design principles, the WaterBoiler’s (completely disassembleable) design and transparent construction invites users to adapt, repair, and combine with existing OpenStructures components. The limited complexity of the Boiler allows new partnerships to emerge that can adapt to the scale of production: a single unit designed as a DIY kit to one-thousand units produced in a collaboration of international suppliers and local manufacturers. Consistent application of simple and straightforward principles in design and production leads to an object that can evolve and adapt over time.  Internship commission at OS Studio Design in collaboration with OS Studio Photography by Jesse Howard Brussels 2012

Low-tech Water heater

by Jesse Howard

salvaged PET bottle,
3D printed Polyamide,
copper tube,
lasercut, powdercoated metal


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