"Every building is a prediction
and every prediction is wrong."

(Stewart Brand – in ‘How buildings learn’)


For the exhibition ‘Atelier à Habiter’ OS_Studio was commissioned to rethink, experiment and redefine the concept of ‘dwelling’.
Based on ‘A pattern language’ by Christopher Alexander & ‘How buildings learn’ by Stewart Brand, Autarkytecture proposes flexible constructions that can adapt and change over time. It consists of a catalogue of building components that can be added or subtracted according to the varying needs of its inhabitants.

Concept and Design by OS_Studio
Commissioned by Z33
Curated by Jan Boelen & Evelien Bracke
Project assistance by Maud Bausier and Elsa Dray Farges
Illustrations by Elsa Dray Farges
Photography by Kristof Vrancken


Visual Essay

on flexible architecture based on existing building patterns and the OpenStructures design principles

Commission by Z33 for the ‘Atelier à Habiter’ exhibition

by OS Studio

at Z33 - house for contemporary art

Hasselt (be)

Dec 2013

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