Squeeze - pinch - tie - roll

Modular doesn’t always have to look modular. At first glance these look like regular blankets, but once you inspect them a bit more closely you can see different thicknesses, holes and hidden compartments that are concealed by the print. 
The function of these textile objects isn’t defined and therefore leaves room for the user to interpret in which way they should be used. You surely remember messing up your mom’s linen closet when you were little. Tablecloths, blankets and towels became building materials that you could easily build your own tent with. The possibilities of soft materials are endless: squeeze - pinch - tie - rol, to give it a new function.

Commissioned by OS_Studio for ‘Limits to Growth!’
Photography by OS_Studio

Modular covers

at Le Grand-Hornu

Mons / Bergen

Jul 2018