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For the public of ZuiderZee Museum OS_Studio realised an educational installation out of a stage and an array of building blocks. Both for the youngsters as for the young at heart who are invited to build, improvise and find easy fits: for a camp, a hut, a raft or for wild, undefined rank-structures. The selection of parts consists out of existing elements from the OS archive, that have been complemented with traditional and site specific elements, fabricated in Enkhuizen by the different craftsmen of the museum. Participants can start from scratch or continue and build further on previous constructions of earlier passer-by’s.


Commissioned by Jan Boelen & Evelien Bracke
Concept and realisation by OS_Studio
Project assistance Elsa Casanova Sampé, Andrea Sebastianelli & Jo Van Bostraeten
Photography by Bertrand Cavalier and OS_Studio

Educational installation

at Zuiderzee Museum

Enkhuizen (nl)

Apr 2017