III+1 / OS_Scaffold

Scaffolding systems are specialised, enclosed and consistent. In comparison OS scaffold (later renamed as III+1) is open and ragtag. Basic elements are beams, connector knots and end pieces. Beams can be any material and become customised with different end pieces. Connector knots can be added all along the pipes and again be quickly customised by exchanging its stackable parts. Appearance and specification can vary from heavy duty steel construction to light wood and fabric structures. Quick setup, growing range of compatible elements and the possible use and reuse of different materials leads to a highly customisable system. Beyond temporary structures there is also the potential for gradual development, from temporary to permanent, always driven by the needs and dreams of its inhabitants.

Internship commission
Design in collaboration with OS_Studio
Lateron further elaborated by Lukas Wegwerth and renamed as ‘III+1 construction system’
Photography, and sketch by Lukas Wegwerth



Internship commission

at OS_Studio


May 2013