Family of toys

This presentation departed from an already existing OS component. The BlocBox was taken as a base unit, was disassembled and partially adapted in order to be used by Christiane Högner as seat of a swing, by Artin Aharon and Thomas Lommée for a sled and for a sand-digger by Tristan Kopp & Ricardo Carneiro. Marijn Van der Poll again used the element to create a suitcase. Translated from polyester into laser-cut felt, it serves as a storage box either for toys or for tools. The resulting object series aims at illustrating the various opportunities offered by an open modular system, that can adapt and grow. If the child has outgrown one toy, the components can be reconfigured into another object of this or a future series, such as the suitcase or the sled.

Commissioned by Joseph Grima
Concept by OS_Studio
Contributions by Marijn Van der Poll, Christiane Högner, Tristan Kopp & Ricardo Carneiro, Artin Aharon, Thomas Lommée and Jo van Bostraeten
Photography by OS_Studio


at Galmata Greek School


Oct 2012

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