Ideas City (2) Athens

IdeasCity proposes that Athens is everywhere. As a primary flash point in the rapidly escalating refugee crisis, Athens has been facing unprecedented challenges in the recent history of Western civilisation, yet the city also represents a destination, a centre of hope and survival, and a place where one can conceive new realities.

The OS pod structures that have earlier served at IdeasCity Detroit were re-used during the residency at Athens Conservatory for IdeasCity Athens, yet have been redressed with local fabrics, chosen by textile designer Antigone Lentzos


Commissioned by Joseph Grima for Ideas City and The New Museum, New York
Design by OS_Studio
Adaptions by Antigone Lentzos
Photography by Panos Kokkinias, courtesy Neon Art Foundation 

Temporary accommodation

by OS Studio

at Athens Conservatory


Sep 2016

designed/hosted by